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Bringing Health
Equity to Communities

Championing health equity initiatives for women, children, adolescents and  their families through collaboration with  communities, systems of care, organizations and naturally occurring social networks.

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Our Story
Introducing DrKimAnswers

Empowering BIWOC Leaders and Transforming School Mental Health and Women’s Mental Health

Welcome to DrKimAnswers, the public-facing brand of BHETC, LLC. We are excited to announce our rebranding and renewed focus on bringing health equity and social justice to communities of color through the transformative work of Dr. Kim Gordon, a Mindset Coach, Health Equity Consultant, and Double Board-Certified Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Dr. Gordon's Journey


The transformation and rebranding of BHETC, LLC to DrKimAnswers is a reflection of Dr. Gordon's personal journey of overcoming secondary trauma and burnout due to systemic inequities, discrimination, and assimilation traumas she experienced firsthand as a leader in organized medicine and academic psychiatry. Through her own healing and growth, she has become uniquely qualified to empower BIWOC leaders to redefine success and create healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Our Offerings


Burnout to Breakthrough Group Coaching Program

Join our transformative 12-month leadership academy designed to help BIWOC executive leaders and other established career leaders overcome burnout and align their lives with their core values and purpose.


Community Grassroots Trainings

We bring customized workshops and seminars directly to communities of color, sparking meaningful conversations about health equity and providing tools for personal and collective growth.


Health Equity Consultations

Dr. Gordon offers guidance for school and community organizations seeking to promote health equity and justice in their policies, creating lasting change from within.


Keynote Speaking and Corporate Trainings

As a sought-after speaker, Dr. Gordon delivers inspiring and transformative presentations that shed light on the importance of health equity and provide actionable strategies for creating positive change in the workplace and beyond.


Get to Know Dr. Kim Gordon

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Gordon is a lover of music, dance, singing, and reading. She brings humor and laughter to her work, creating a warm and engaging environment for personal growth and transformation through her blogs, youtube channel Rewriting the Narrative: A Podcast for Radical Storytellers and Healers.


Join the Movement


We invite you to join us in our mission to advocate for the well-being and advancement of women and children of color. Together, we can build a more just and equitable society for all.


Explore our website to learn more about Dr. Gordon's services, upcoming events, and ways to get involved. If you have any questions or would like to partner with us, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to connecting with you and making a positive impact together.


With gratitude and determination,


Dr. Kim Gordon

Founder and CEO, BHETC, LLC

The Voice Behind DrKimAnswers


Our Mission

Dr. Kim Answers is a consulting and coaching firm directed by Dr. Kim Gordon to support health equity initiatives for women, children, adolescents and  their families through collaboration with communities, systems, organizations and naturally occurring social networks.

At DrKimAnswers, our mission is two-fold:

1. Empower Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) leaders to redefine success and create a healthier, more fulfilling life – even if balance has always felt out of reach.

2. Transform Schools & Heal Communities by Championing Culturally Responsive, Trauma-Informed, and Justice-Focused Mental Health for All.

Development of cultural responsive and structural competent health equity leaders, executives, therapists, clinicians, staff and educators.

Development of social justice and healing centered equity and empowerment  experts in peer supports, families, clinicians, educators and leaders.

Connect formal mental health resources with naturally occurring informal ones to promote healthy communities

Teach transparent and culturally responsive evidence based modalities and approaches to health care providers that support empowerment and are trauma informed.

Support community empowerment by identifying strategies to unify fragmented systems of support for women, children and their families


Development of strategic planning resources and guides to promote policies to address the crisis in systems of care for Women of Color and their children and families.


Development of diversity, inclusion and equity and empowerment  experts in peer supports, families, clinicians, educators and leaders.

Development of trauma-informed spaces within naturally occurring social networks (NOSN) through partnership and support.

Partnership with Naturally Occurring Social Networks (NOSN) to bring health equity for youth of color in juvenile and child welfare systems 

Healthy Equity Stats

The Resilient Storyteller: Transformative Talks with Dr. Kim

Discover the transformative power of radical storytelling with Dr. Kim Gordon. In this engaging short video, Dr. Kim shares her groundbreaking insights to empowering BIWOC executive leaders and established career professionals to redefine success, overcome burnout, and thrive both personally and professionally.


Learn how to shift your narrative, cultivate resilience, and unleash your full potential!

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Solutions oriented, experienced, and professional

I am the mindset coach & health equity consultant to help you get there.


Through our "Burnout to Breakthrough" 12 month mindset coaching program for Black, Indigenous and Women of Color leaders, you'll learn practical strategies for overcoming burnout, building resilience, and cultivating inclusive leadership skills to enhance your performance and well-being. You'll gain new insights into your unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities as a leader, and develop the tools you need to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and prioritize self-care.

The Burnout to Breakthrough Group Coaching Program offers a bonus masterclass, "Rewriting the Narrative," designed to empower Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) leaders to embrace their stories and create lasting change.

In this transformative masterclass, participants will:

1. Begin to Reconnect with their purpose and rediscover their unique gifts, passions, and values

2. Learn embodied resilience practices to release stress, prevent burnout, and cultivate sustainable leadership

3. Engage in embodied, intergenerational, and creative storytelling for healing, connection, and transformation

4. Learn how to Amplify their mission with intention and harness digital storytelling for impact

5. Design leadership as a storybook for sustainability, leveraging their stories to drive social justice and build communities

Burnout to Breakthrough coaching program is a labor of love created and curated by Dr. Kim Gordon to heal the wounder warriors so that they can make lasting impacts on future generations. We invite BIWOC leaders who want to sustain their impact while preventing burnout, reconnect with their inner strength, gain confidence in sharing their stories, to join our community committed to healing, growth, and collective impact.This commitment to growth in one year will be a transformative experience, but it won't be easy! With a collective healing environment, we are convinced that you will thrive and SOAR WELL!

Through the power of radical storytelling, the "Rewriting the Narrative" edutainment will spark BIWOC leaders to face their dark night of the soal and overcome burden out. We guide leaders on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment, enabling them to create lasting change for themselves and generations to come.


Together, we'll redefine what success looks like for you and create a roadmap for achieving your goals while maintaining balance and joy in your life.


You deserve to thrive as a leader. 


Let's make it happen!

You deserve to thrive as a leader. Let's make it happen.

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