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Burnout to Breakthrough

Championing women leaders to redefine success and create healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Through our "Burnout to Breakthrough" 12 month transformational mindset  coaching program for Black, Indigenous and Women of Color leaders, you'll learn practical strategies for overcoming burnout, building resilience, and cultivating inclusive leadership skills to enhance your performance and well-being.


You'll gain new insights into your unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities as a leader, and develop the tools you need to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and prioritize self-care.​



The Rewriting the Narrative Movement offers the "Burnout to Breakthrough" coaching program and "Rewriting the Narrative Masterclass," to empower Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) leaders to embrace their stories, envision their impact and create lasting change.

​In this transformative masterclass, participants will:

1. Begin to Reconnect with their purpose and rediscover their unique gifts, passions, and values
2. Learn embodied resilience practices to release stress, prevent burnout, and cultivate sustainable leadership
3. Engage in embodied, intergenerational, and creative storytelling for healing, connection, and transformation
4. Learn how to Amplify their mission with intention and harness digital storytelling for impact
5. Design leadership as a storybook for sustainability, leveraging their stories to drive social justice and build communities

Burnout to Breakthrough coaching program is a labor of love created and curated by Dr. Kim Gordon to heal the wounded warriors so that they can make lasting impacts on future generations.


We invite BIWOC leaders who want to sustain their impact while preventing burnout, reconnect with their inner strength, gain confidence in sharing their stories, to join our community committed to healing, growth, and collective impact.This commitment to growth in one year will be a transformative experience, but it won't be easy! With a collective healing environment and a courageous facilitator, we are convinced that you will thrive and SOAR WELL!

Through the power of radical storytelling, the "Rewriting the Narrative" edutainment will spark BIWOC leaders to face their dark night of the soal and overcome burnout. We guide leaders on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment, enabling them to create lasting change for themselves and generations to come.


Together, we'll redefine what success looks like for you and create a roadmap for achieving your goals while maintaining balance and joy in your life.


You deserve to thrive as a leader. 


Let's make it happen!

The Ordered Steps Leadership Academy is approaching fast and we’re making preparations. Become an Ambassador. Don’t miss out!

Coaching Packages

BHETC works with teams to develop skills, knowledge,  strategies, and insights  that organizations  need to build equity for their communities and for generations to come

Gossiping over Tea

Individual Coaching

Our programs support healthcare practitioners, bridge the gap between awareness and empathy, and promote health equity. Programs are structured in groups for cross-functional learning.

Business Meeting

Leadership Coaching

We help leaders develop competencies and talents to make them more effective and equitable team leaders.

Business Meeting

Corporate Coaching

We develop boards, increase capacity, and ensure equity is at the forefront of board initiatives.

Staff Meeting

Corporate Staffing Coaching

Our processes develop competencies and talents, making staff members more effective and equitable team members.

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