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5-day Masterclass: Rewriting the Narrative Workshop

"Our Stories, Our Power" Workshop Series  

The date is approaching fast and we’re making preparations. Don’t miss out!

Radical storytelling is a powerful tool that allows BIWOC to share their unique experiences, challenge dominant narratives, and reclaim their identity and self-worth. By engaging in embodied, intergenerational, creative, and digital storytelling techniques, participants can process their traumas, connect with others, and tap into their inner power.

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Key Notes / Speaking


In addition to numerous academic lectures, Dr. Kim Gordon has sponsored national and local CME and CEU events. Dr. Kim Gordon has been an invited speaker at many national meetings including The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, Black Mental Health Alliance, National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH), American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry , Psych Sign, American Psychiatric Association; IPS and Annual Meeting, Black Psychiatrists of America, and American Academy for Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training, National Council for Mental Wellbeing and many more!

Highlighted topics include sexual trafficking, juvenile justice, COVID 19, microaggressions, community trauma and violence, black mental health, intimate partner violence, burnout, women’s mental health, ADHD, ODD and the school to prison pipeline. 


Her leadership has been instrumental in providing mentorship, sponsorship and leverage for many BIPOC psychiatrists to develop educational resources, networks and supports to advance the cause of dismantling all forms of oppression and racism in medicine. 

 She is also lead author of the Origins of Racism in American Medicine and Psychiatry In: Medlock et. al book, Racism and Psychiatry: Contemporary Issues and Interventions. 

Speaking/Keynote Topics

  • Leading with Resilience and Empathy: Strategies for Overcoming Burnout and Fostering Inclusion 

  • Cultivating Cultural Competence: Delivering Exceptional Service to Diverse Populations

  • Breaking Free from Societal Barriers: Empowering BIWOC Leaders to Unleash Their Full Potential

  • Confronting the Origins of Racism in Psychiatry: A Call to Action for Mental Health Equity

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